Jul ’13
7:00 pm

Attention all Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians!

Seattle Latvian Center in Peril

As many of you may know, Sound Transit is planning to run a light rail line from Northgate to Lynnwood. The present plan is to run the line in the narrow space between I-5 and the Latvian Center. This plan is likely to cause partial or complete loss of the Latvian Center, with a profound effect on all three of our communities and the Baltic Studies Program at the University of Washington.

The project is currently in preliminary design phase and the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is in preparation. Construction is expected to begin in three or four years, but the plans are being written NOW.

The Latvian Center leadership already has had several meetings with Sound Transit on this issue. Recognizing the seriousness of how this project may impact the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities, Sound Transit has offered to hold a special open meeting with everyone in our community. The purpose of the meeting would be to present information and to listen to everyone’s comments and concerns.

This meeting is scheduled at 7:00 PM, on Thursday, July 18th, at the Seattle Latvian Center, 11710 3rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA.

The Center leadership urges everyone to attend — especially younger people. We need as many people at this meeting as possible. As in all public affairs, the larger the number of participants, the bigger the impact.

Please forward this message to all Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians that you know — especially those in Western Washington who might be able to attend.

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